• SALAD:

    Add Chicken Breast - $4

    Half Order // Full Order

    Vegetarian Caesar Salad $7 // $12

    Crispy chopped romaine, parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes, sourdough crouton, with house-made caesar dressing.

    Vegan Falafel Salad $7 // $12

    Fresh spring mix blend, crispy falafel, picked onions, fried garbanzo beans, & blistered mint tomatoes, with lemon-mint vinaigrette.

  • Ponyboy House Salad $7 // $12

  • Crisp romaine, ranch, cheddar, tomato, red onion, cucumber, boiled egg, bacon, & croutons.


    Cup // Bowl

    Chicken Noodle Soup $5 // $9

    House-made chicken broth, carrots, celery, egg noodles, a classic. Served with a piece of baguette.

    Roasted Poblano Soup $5 // $9

    Roasted poblano peppers, house-made veggie broth, parmesan cheese, cream, served with a piece of baguette.

  • Tomato Soup $5 // $9

Tomato, garlic, Italian seasoning, pinch of parmesan, basil for garnish.

  • SIDES:

    Small // Large

    Fries $4 // $8

    Crispy golden fries lightly salted served with spicy blueberry ketchup, queso, ranch, or honey mustard.

    Fried Brussels $4 // $8

    Sliced and fried brussles, flash-fried with a honey glaze, seasoned with salt & pepper.